Order: G4EZ******26 1 minute delivery very good as usual ! Admin : Thanks
Dusk Reaver
Order: G4EZ******33 Fast and complete as usual Admin : Thanks
Robert  Quackenbush
Order: G4EZ******31 Super fast Admin : Thanks
Rian Gonzales
Order: G4EZ******26 Quick and easy transaction Admin : Thanks
Louis Kuhlmann Danmark
Order: G4EZ******31 nice Admin : Thanks
Michael Adams
Order: G4EZ******11 As always lightning fast and secure 10/10 Admin : Thanks
Michael Adams
Order: G4EZ******43 Best guys around Admin : Thanks
Davis Abolkalns
Order: G4EZ******57 Waited 4h for my alteration orbs got in the end only 1000 but I ordered 1500 :/ feels bad Admin : simply contact the live support, we will fix the problem within 1 mins, if you left review for the problem, it takes much longer. plus... its reviews for service not a place to report problem.
Kent Haques
Order: G4EZ******09 Fast as usual, you are the best :) Admin : Thanks
Edwin Acosta
Order: G4EZ******04 That was extremely fast. Thanks so much!! Admin : Thanks
Rian Gonzales
Order: G4EZ******28 Quick and easy transaction Admin : Thanks
Mattias Björserud
Order: G4EZ******38 Nice, fast and easy. Thank you so much ;) Admin : Thanks
Jerry Spann
Order: G4EZ******37 Excellent Service Once Again Admin : Thanks
Diego Buehler
Order: G4EZ******13 Very fast and allways a great service :) Admin : Thanks
Jeremy Nelson
Order: G4EZ******59 Took more than 14 hours to deliver and then did not use the AH like I asked. They are awesome with POE, wow I'll find someone else. Admin : really sorry for the delay, some farmers got banned on that server. And mail delivery is safe for now in classic wow. thats why we use that.
Bryan Warner
Order: G4EZ******23 Fast on time will use again Admin : Thanks
Paul Shim
Order: G4EZ******04 FAST GOOD Admin : Thanks
Paul Shim
Order: G4EZ******22 Fast GOOD Admin : Thanks
osiel ortega
Order: G4EZ******27 Fast and easy Admin : Thanks
Mitch Penner
Order: G4EZ******09 Very fast service! 10/10 Admin : Thanks