Service down for 4 hours (done) 2017-01-14 We will take a break for 4 houres today (5PM-9PM January 13th GMT +8)for celebrate chinese new year,during that time period,delivery and live chat service will be down. If you have order placed,please come back while we are... Site maintenance 6 PM 10th- 8 AM 11th June GMT +8 2016-04-10 Delivery will be paused for 14 Hrs,Live chat wont be reachable! Sorry for any inconvenience caused! Best regards Gaming4ez Team Working time arrangement during Chinese New year 2016-02-07 Hello, During 7th Feb - 12th Feb,most employees in company will have a holiday to celebrate the most important festival for chinese,we donot have enough operators to work 24/7.So the working time changes to From 8 am to... Gaming4ez.com has new looking! 2015-12-14 Like Topic says,we just released the new site,we tried our best to transfer all user data to new database,but cause of the different code language,some of them may be missed.If you are registered user on old site,and cannot... How to pay us by using Enets payment 2015-12-08 Hello, Lot of buyers from singapore come to us with the question how to pay us by enets payment.Well since we can't accept direct payment from Enets.So you have to make an account on www.moneybookers.com and deposit the... Buy Garena Path of exile(SEA POE,Garena POE)orbs at gaming4ez.com! 2015-12-08 Garena poe orbs are available to buy,delivery will be within 5 mins after we confirm your payment! Like always we offer the cheapest price and best service to you!If you have any question,feel free to contact us via...