POE 3.7.0 - Legion League details

GGG officially announced the date of the update of the game POE named Legion, it will be released and available all over the world from June 7, 2019. This extension can be used for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Path of Exile: Legion will feature many improvements: new items and gems, a complete redesign of melee  combat, and other.


Briefly about the famous innovations of the Path of Exile League Legion

In the new League Legion will be timeless monoliths, they can be found exploring Wraeclast. 

By combining fragments of enemies from 5 legions, it will be possible to form the emblem of the corresponding legion.

Some POE Legion monsters display symbols that point to specific items they play. 

Each of the 5 legions can give a special unique Jewels, it can be installed on your Passive Skill Tree. 

Changes in melee combat Path of Exile is as follows: animations can be canceled, and movement skills will be instantaneous. Now all melee attacks will be able to hit several nearby enemies. Thanks to all melee enhancements, players can easily avoid various attacks. 

The new archetype of the Blood and Sand Gladiator will allow the player to switch between the Position and the Blood and Sand to dynamically change the functionality of new and existing skills. 

Also, in the Legion new items will be presented and a part of existing ones will be changed. Thus, 14 new maps will be added, 12 new unique items and 15 existing ones will be processed. 

We are closely following the news about the Legion and will continue to inform you. On the eve of the new League we offer our visitors to improve the character's characteristics buy POE Currency for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a good price.

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