New World Game January Update 1.2.2

Hello, everyone!

The good news for you is a new update intended to fix the issues with combat adjustments and other stuff. The Amazon Games team is trying hard to make your gameplay smooth and exciting, and they appreciate your patience and constant feedback.

Have a look at the list of fixes that have been done recently.

- The bug when a player was not able to get more than 3 Aptitude lvls while they crafted a huge quantity of items was fixed.

- Quests with some aspects and rewards missing were disabled. The quests are disabled only for some period. If you have done them, you can keep your rewards, but the progress reserts. So, you can complete the quests again for appropriate rewards, when they are re-enabled.

Here is the list of mentioned quests:

- Edge of the World

- Call Beyond the Void

- Stirs the Awakened

- The Cursed Blade

- Sensou no Ko

  • The problem with the cancellation of the jump with the firing recovery of the bow was resolved. Now it features 33 sec. between a jump and an arrow release.
  • The problem with constant disease used in PvP is resolved.
  • The inability to drop trophy stuff by The Surgeon, Baines, Pit Lord Daehi, and Mordici The Mortician was resolved.
  • The issue with the improper mob which was able to spawn for “Guardian of the Light” was fixed.
  • The error with sliding that players experienced when Void Blade attacks were canceled was corrected.

We are grateful to you for being with us. Enjoy the game!

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