Diablo II: Resurrected PC PTR Patch Notes

The development team made an update on the Public Test Realm. As they noticed plenty of complaints about unmatching gear to some specific builds, the team explains that they deliberately left the gear for testing the functionality. They don`t intend to implement changes to the new gear immediately, but they promise it to be done in the 2.4 PTR which is coming soon. The 2.4 PTR will be released for the purpose to collect reviews on the balance fixes.

The team is also preparing an update with a mule character who will supply tokens which will be used on PTR by players to respec their characters. The update is expected today and the tokens will appear in the shared stash.

In order to have access to the updates on the character changes implemented by a team, a gamer needs to delete the Bowazon character and the MartialArts character from the list. Log out and then log in again. You will see “IthIsTheNewIst,” updated with improvement to items, the Bowazon, and the “Tokens” character with tokens required for respecs.

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