Next POE Expantion & Hard Mode Timeline

We anticipate having a vibrant beginning of the year in terms of Path of Exile events. As you probably know, the 3.17 expansion is coming. The launch is planned for the beginning of February that consequently will prolong the duration of the Scourge League. DonĀ“t miss a live announcement, which will be a week before the launch of a new expansion, and get Twitch Drops rewards as a viewer.

Unfortunately, the GGG team is 2 weeks behind the usual schedule. This is due to the New Zealand summer holidays which the staff is having right now. But soon the people will be back to work. When the team gets down to business, they will keep us posted on the exact dates of the upcoming events.

Hard Mode

The fans of POE game are also looking forward to starting testing the "Hard Mode". It was announced previously that the team was going to begin testing before the 3.17 launch. Now the plans have changed a bit, and the testing will take place after the start of the 3.17 expansion.

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