NW Game December Update 1.2.1

The New World 1.2.1 update was released on the 21st of December. It offers fixes to bugs which the players encountered in December. The Amazon Games Team appreciates the help of NW players who were reporting the issues on forums. Have a look at the description of the major fixes:

  • Coin Lockboxes received from the Tree of Light were restricted to the players higher than level 14 in case they coincide with Event Quests. It was done to stop gamers who had bad intentions to make new characters in their endeavor to get more coins.
  • The number of characters a player may make within one account has been decreased.
  • Azos balances don`t update currently after fast crafting or other game activities. Now the balances indicate spent resources.
  • The matter with potions which dropped due to multiple gear scores that caused a problem with stacking inventory is closed.
  • The cooldown time for all gamers who made their decision to swap a faction is currently 60 days.
  • The bug with “Weavers Needed” mission which was not always possible to do when trying to craft in Everfall was corrected.

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