Path of Exile Holidays Giveaway

As a present for X -mas, the GGG team is giving Atlantis Mystery Box free of charge to all Path of Exile fans.

In order to receive it, a player needs to navigate to an in-game store. The present will be transferred to their account, and appear in the Stash with microtransactions.

Please consider the requirements for a free box:

  • you need access the store as inside the game client;
  • your account is required to be made before the 25th of December, 2021;
  • you obtain only one present per account;
  • the proposal is true for PC, XBox and PlayStation players.

The giveaway is valid by the 8th of January 2022, 3 am.

See what stuff can be found in Atlantis Mystery Box in the trailer here.


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Enjoy the holidays!