Changes to Path of Exile Map Conversion Functionality

The GGG team made a fix to a matter with map stash tab conversion. It was deployed on the 21st December. Previously, when a player was changing maps, they faced the issue with not enough space for it.

The fix brought the following updates:

  • The map stash which is bought first will be adjusted to the latest map collection.
  • In case the map series updates and the stash is full, a player will receive another map stash regulated to the updated series.
  • A player will be unable to swap the map stash series in order to collect old maps in case they bought only one map stash. Therefore, if you`ve obtained a single stash for legacy maps, you may get your money back. For the purpose email the support service at [email protected].
  • Convert Maps is currently converting all maps until there is enough space for them in map stash(es). If the place is not enough, the maps remain unchanged in the source map stash. The tool may be removed or retrieved now.

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