New World: Giveaway During Winter Convergence Festival

In order to bring you the Winter Convergence mood, some giveaways were added to the shop in the game.

In the course of ten days 17th -27th of December, take advantage of five offers. These will be at your disposal for 2 days each. The offers will include housing items, pieces of outfit and an emote.

Here is the list of Hunter’s Festive stuff and Convergence housing things; and the dates they will be released:

17th and 18th Dec

overseer concept

  • Coat
  • Convergence Poinsettia Housing Item (x2)

19th and 20th Dec

overseer concept

  • Trappers
  • Furs

21st and 22nd Dec

overseer concept

  • Gloves
  • Mistletoe Housing Item

23rd and 24th Dec

overseer concept

  • Shiver Emote

25th -27th Dec

overseer concept

  • Hood
  • Wreath Housing Item

For claiming free stuff from the store, you need to log in within every window. You can find lots of other fresh content in the online shop.

We hope you`ll enjoy the spirit and we appreciate your constant support! Also we provide New World gamers with cheap NW coins! So Welcome!