10 Day Endless Delve Session in PoE

You are probably informed about Path of Exile events on PC which are coming soon. Hopefully PC gamers are also expecting 3 absolutely new events. Unfortunately, they will not be available for console players. But the GGG team is launching a 10-day Endless Delve for Xbox and PlayStation gamers.

Registration becomes possible half an hour before the beginning.

Please note the details:

  • Starting at Noon is launching on the 10th of December.
  • Ending at Noon is opening on the 20th of December.
  • Standard and Hard Solo Self-Found are accessible.
  • When the event finishes, you will not be able to transfer items or a character to parent leagues.

Keep Endless Delve tips and tricks at hand to have more pleasant gameplay.

1. Don't focus too much on boss damage

Instead of focusing too much on having ideal boss damage, pay more attention to speed of moving and clearing skills such as toxic rain, cold dot, blade vortex, plague bearer.

2. Phase as much as you can

In this event it is really important to use flasks for phasing in order to move through enemies and avoid death.

3. Apply loot filters

Obviously delve brings a lot of stuff which is not needed in the game. It would be a sound idea to filter out unnecessary stuff. You may use the Reddit loot filter if you fail to make your own one.

4. Destroying corpses adds power

Like in the normal POE game, you may add survivability by making use of profane bloom of oculist or gladiator`s bleed pops. They will also stand you in good stead when you`d like to freeze monsters.

5. Racing is awarded with ascendancy-based demigods' prizes

Think about going through a really underrated ascendancy as an easier way of reaching the top 5.

6. Any strong resistant ascendancy is great as it does not allow capping by means of bench crafts

Try to be capped for the kitava curse faster. It would be great if you are 30% overcapped at the 35th level and 60% at the 65th one.

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