New Features in New World December Update

Gypsum and Expertise

In their endeavor to create the most engaging and full of various events endgame, Amazon games decided to make some updates. Therefore, they introduced Gypsum. It is a new resource obtained daily by doing tasks. Every game activity pays a specific type of Gypsum which later on can be used to create a Gypsum Orb. The currency can be turned into Gypsum Casts of any armor or weapon. If a gamer opens the Cast they will be able to get a gear of the same type.

The team has also changed the name High Water Mark to Expertise and currently you can see the Expertise level on the avatar of your inventory. It allows you to easily follow your progress. In case it grows, a level up banner will show it.

There were 2 end game POIs added. So that players can try harder content and enhance their skills with 66 level enemies and specific chests.

Trade Skill Aptitude

  • The skill is created to reward players for crafted items. If the player gets 200 th level in a Trade Skill, the circle will display 3 markers on the same distance from one another on the circle.
  • While progressing you may achieve one of the markers. The players who do it get plenty of useful items which improve trade skill.
  • Every other marker opens a better storage with more perks.
  • In case you do the whole circle, the Aptitude Counter will grow by 1. By means of the counter, you can easily follow the number of times you will progress.
  • Equipment Patterns are new rewards.
  • The pattern together with Crafting Artifacts enables crafting an outstanding item aka Gear Score 600.
  • Patterns are not easy to build as they need plenty of crafting materials but you will definitely get GS600
  • Patterns include perks, and gamers can control the result with Craft Mods and Azoth.

The update of PVP Balance

Amazon Games have changed the calculation of PVP damage. Find out the details below and comment on the changes:

  • The team changed the method of armor mitigation counting. Now your average score will be replaced with enemies gear score value.
  • The damage of low level players was increased to the indicator of top level ones and the damage of high level gamers was declined respectively in order to fix the odds in armor mitigation.
  • The bonuses from crit damage are currently being added rather than being multiplicated. It will help to make extra damage lower by a small percentage.
  • Buffer Windows were adjusted. You will see the updates of the window either during the first frame of the attack which would do damage or on the first casting frame of the skills which do not cause any damage.

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