Short Guideline for POE Beginners

Path of Exile events have already started, attracting more and more players to the game. While experienced players are looking for their own sophisticated strategies, newbies are trying to understand the game logic and facing a number of obstacles on their way to progress.

If you are one of new players who need some pieces of advice as for the gameplay, run through the list of suggestions below:

  • After having got through a purple hand, you need to finish off monsters in the circle which is expanding.
  • Meeting a floating blue man, slay his monsters.
  • Clashing with shiny monsters, try to destroy them and make the hobo take them.
  • In case you find the Earth cracking, kill monsters and go along the crack by the end.
  • Collect Sulphites and occasionally visit a cave to slay monsters.
  • Monolith is intended to wake and finish off the monsters.
  • In case you encounter a fort in the desert, ruin the door and get rid of everything inside it.
  • If you see fog around, find monsters and destroy them.
  • Setting up a bomb, don`t leave it but wait until the explosion is done, mudering monsters at the same time.

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