Prophecy removal in 3.17.0 version of Path of Exile

Prophecies imply Navali`s prediction for character`s future. Having been first implemented more than 5 years ago, they have played an important role in the game so far. Nevertheless, new Path of Exile game updates brought changes and Prophecy became somewhat outdated. Therefore, the GGG Development Team have made up their minds to pull out Prophecy from the POE game in their 3.17.0 update. It means that if you have Silver Coins and Prophecies, we suggest using them asap. Navali and the Pale Council will also leave the game.

The GGG Development Team also considered some other changes. Run through the following list of planned changes below:

  • Kaltensoul, Karui Charge, Martyr's Crown, Mirebough, Corona Solaris, Crystal Vault, Deidbellow, Dreadsurge, Ezomyte Hold, Fox's Fortune, Greedtrap, Hrimnor's Dirge, Ngamahu Tiki, Panquetzaliztli, Realm Ender, Sanguine Gambol, Shavronne's Gambit, Silverbough, Sunspite, The Effigon, The Gryphon, The Oak, Voidheart and Wall of Brambles etc. will never be acquired in permanent league any more. They can be obtained only from other gamers by means of trading.
  • However, some Fated versions of Uniques were really worth remaining in POE, yet it appeared not to be valuable as The Fated and Base variations of the unique item went separate. It was decided to disable Fated Uniques, whereas modifying the base items to be identical to the old Fated ones. Check out the list of such items here: The Dancing Duo and Time Twist as well as Geofri’s Legacy, The Iron Fortress, Winterweave, Thirst for Horrors and Cragfall.
  • Atziri’s Reflection is not Fated any more. Gamers will neither have the opportunity to receive Atziri’s Reflection from Uber Atziri nor have Atziri’s Mirror drop.
  • Saved Prophecies, silver coins and fragments of Pale Council will be removed from stash and your inventory when the 3.17.0 version starts.
  • Unique items which used to be dedicated to Prophecy chains or Pale Council will be placed into the drop pool.
  • The GGG team is going to change Divination Cards together with game contributors who made them.
  • Delirium Orbs or Metamorph Samples will provide some other type of rewards instead of Prophecy ones.
  • Lilly Roth is involved in the game. She is a new NPC who is expected to take responsibility from Navali for hideout divination card turn-ins. Lilly Roth is the owner of a gem store which she will open to players.
  • Some particular rewards related to some Prophecies will be transferred to a new version but differently.
  • The Fated unique items which were not listed in the announcement may still drop in the endgame from map boss. However, the Team is considering making the process of getting both new items and Fated uniques really engaging.

Please, be advised to use all stuff which expires before we start a new 3.17.0 POE expansion. As you know, the new version will be launched at the beginning of 2022. So of you want to buy Path of Exile currency for new league you can purchase it cheap in our site Gaming4EZ.com.