Path of Exile December Events 2021

The upcoming month is going to be full of Path of Exile happenings. The GGG team will run 6 including 3 absolutely new events never organized before. You may find out the schedule with dates and details on POE official website. However, we will be happy to introduce you to the announcement trailer and provide you with the answers to FAQ.

Enjoy the trailer below!


2021 December Events Schedule (PST)

overseer concept

Events FAQ

What platforms will the events run on?

Only on PC.

Should I change the character?

You should create a new one in every event.

What should I do to participate?

You can find the panel at the selection screen. It will display the upcoming events. –°lick Join. Mind that the button will be activated only 30 mins before the event will start. Your new character will start moving only when the happening begins.

Are Private Leagues for the events possible?

Unfortunately, no.

Is it allowed to switch Ascendancy Class while taking part in the events?

No, because some players can use the possibility to exchange classes as a simple way to get Demigod's Authority.

What is the reason for Delve Solo Self-Found?

In order to play with other gamers you will require access to Hideout and towns. They will not be open because of the event type.

Will I be able to receive a prize in case I remove my character?

No. You need to keep your character until all the awards are issued.

Will I be able to acquire a prize in case of my character's death?


Are there more chances to win an award for players leveling some characters?

Of course. Every character you level will be nominated for any prize except for mystery boxes. They are given one per account each event.

Is there an opportunity to get more than one prize?

Definitely. You may obtain a few prizes except for the mystery box which is given only one per account in each competition. But if you get 50th level, you will be given 5 mystery boxes. They will go to your Stash.

When are the prizes awarded?

The Atlantis Mystery Box automatically comes after you get 50th level. Other awards will be given at the end of the event. You will be posted when it happens. Please mind that besides for Mystery Boxes and Demigod's Authorities, prizes are not guaranteed.

Will my crafting bench in Endless Delve and Endless Heist be available?

No, it won`t.

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