Path of Exile Scourge League Lore

In the new expansion of Path of Exile, Scourge, there is a new NPC called The Last to Die who came from alternate Wraeclast occupied by voracious demons.

The design team explained that working on Scourge League they used an absolutely different approach due to a number of reasons. Firstly, they said that it was quite complicated to get voice acting recorded as the league was created in New Zealand during lockdown. Luckily The Last to Die NPC has not so many talks in the game and her role is quite short: she retires after passing on the Blood Crucible. The team found the actress, Genevieve Kent, who could voice The Last to Die with the same tone. But the actress could work remotely which was not always convenient. For example, once due to a windstorm the team had to record her talks plenty of time and then spend lots of time editing it.

Another reason why the new league was different is a new approach to the content. The biggest part of lore is implied rather than shown directly. Whereas Expedition league included a story to experience, Scourge league was built on the basis of previous leagues and core game. The idea of not explicit lore, actually, incentivized Path of Exile fans to provide their theories about possible upcoming lore which was quite fun. The Last to Die is too exhausted to share about what she has seen, so players have to make assumptions. For instance, she informs the Exile that the Blood Crucible works together with Chaos. You probably remember that the Trialmaster in Ultimatum expansion also spoke about Chaos as something who knows about different scenarios at the same time. So the new NPC says that she was to another Wraeclast, which can mean various ideas of the continent. Her tie with Chaos may enable her shifts between the versions of the continent which is very similar to the behaviour of the Exile when Blood Crucible is turned on.

Can you imagine how the other versions of the world may look if it becomes clear that Wraeclast you know is one of the best due to the Exile's path of destruction? What is wrong with the other versions? What are the invaders? So many questions yet so few answers.

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