The New World Public Test Realm Announced

Amazon Games Team are doing their best to provide the best gameplay experience for New World players. They had carefully analyzed gamers` feedback, launched new patches and a lot of improvements. Furthermore, the team is introducing the New World Public Test Realm.


The PTR is a server-set which will allow NW players to have early access to new features which will come soon. The preview builds will be shown to the game players, so that they will help Amazon Games notice bugs, missing texts and other matters. It is expected that internal testing together with gamers` feedback will help resolve critical issues before the new features and updates will go to live servers.

In order to contribute to NW improvement, anyone with NW copy needs to download the application to Public Test Realm in the Steam library. If you download the app, it will enable you to see a preview build and leave your feedback. The PTR servers started working on the 10th of November at 12 but only one world is available in the US East and in Central Europe.

When the testing will be done and the game will be updated, all worlds will be closed. You will still find the app in the Steam library but it will not work until the next testing period.

We encourage you to leave your feedback on any bug, feature or content on the subforum of PTR.

We believe that your contribution in the game improvement will be awarded with perfect content and fun updates in the future.

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