New Gems in Path of Exile: Scourge League

Path of Exile Scourge league has a unique skill tree. The game developers have enhanced the quality of life and introduced new skill gems.

Links for party play

The new gems allow you to target another player to use a buff and tie you to the one for some time. But it can be risky as in case the target dies when being connected, you will die too.

  • Protective Link means that allied target copy your block possibility and will restore life in case of blocking.
  • Flame Link has a function to make additional fire damage based on your life.
  • Vampiric Link gives the allied target the opportunity to regain from your life leech.
  • Intuitive Link allows the linked target to use your support spells.
  • Destructive Link provides the connected target to take advantage of your hand strike chance.
  • Soul Link enables the linked one to get some protection from your Energy Shield in case of damage.

Neither of the mentioned above skills can be used by Totems, Traps, and Mines.

Solo Play

  • Tornado: It is a good idea to make a tornado which will do damage from time to time to enemies near you. When it moves your projectile may collide with it to cause the damage. Follow your enemies and reflect some damage done by your projectile for additional one.
  • Poisonous Concoction means that you may throw a bottle in an unarmed attack. The explosive bottle will poison the enemy. You can also use Life fask for more effect. You need an empty main hand to do this.
  • Temporal Rift allows you to keep the mana to receive a buff and get rid of unnecessary afterimages of the past. Take the oldest one and teleport to the place, reset energy shield, life and mana to the settings which were at the time.You may not use the skill in hardcore mode.
  • Energy Blade gives you the opportunity to get a buff to alter your weapons from a shield which drains max energy into a sword. If you need to cancel the buff, make the spell again. For using the skill you need a non-bow weapon.

All in all the game is outstanding and the enhancements make it even more and more fascinating. However, while playing you may feel lack of resources. In such cases visit the Gaming4EZ.com store to buy poe currency and other stuff for a more pleasant experience with Scourge league and other POE expansions.