Incredible Musket Kills in New World's PvP

New World was released more than a month ago but the players have already estimated all the benefits of the game`s equipment and skills.

For instance, Heavy Armour provides very high defense, however, Light one offers 20% of protection. Onyx gems reinforce the power of armor and reduce physical damage.

Speaking about weapons, we should admit New World's Hatchet. It provides access to a passive skill which prevents death every three mins and gives extremely strong damage abilities. Great Axes is also a powerful weapon which provides good buffs, skills and a self-healing ability.

Dexterity weapons are not the most influential ones in the game as they provide less damage in comparison to Strength weapons and they are considered to be good for mobile playstyles.

However, after the NW community saw the video about how a Reddit user beat two players in PvP with a musket, the weapon attracted a lot of attention. The gamer used two of musket skills such as Shooter's Stance and Powder Burn to damage the opponents. It was also noticed that the enemy didn't know about the power of a musket hence didn't try to evade shots or heal themselves after being damaged. However, it is obvious that running depends on the fact whether a player sees the shooter or not. And healing doesn't mean only Life Staffs or potions but also cooldowns.



All the mentioned above as well as a lot of other facts suggest that the information about the gameplay is not spread enough within the community, and plenty of players don't even know about highlights and peculiarities of the game.

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