Scourge League: Main Map and Item Fixes

Since the Scourge League of Path of Exile game has been released, the players noticed several bugs and issues with the game. The GGG development team got to know about the game matters from the Internet and put a lot of effort into making fixes and improvements. Here is a short report on what has been done to make your game experience more pleasant.

A Scourged Map which allows you to get into Nightmare by having maximum blood, will now take your blood time after time. Plague Bearer will show the right Plague Value after a player gets a passive skill to grow the value, and the Raise Spectre will lift up the right minion.

Scourge fixes

  • After you collect maximum blood, the Scourged Map mod will make you enter the Nightmare. Currently it will provide a steady Blood drain. Now the amount of blood which a character can lose by slaying a monster will be 0.4% ,which is less than it was. If you leave the Nightmare you will have no blood left.
  • After you collect max blood, you will get into Nightmare by means of Scourged Maps. When you leave the Nightmare, you will not be able to teleport to the Incursion.

Other fixes

  • Reducing the damage of the Delve Spider Flicker Strike skill
  • Reducing the damage caused by pods which explode in the fight with a boss in the Stagnation Map.
  • Changing the price for the first rank Defense Crafting Bench from 6 Orbs of Alteration to 4 Orbs of Transmutation
  • Changing the name of Siren into Trident Weapon Microtransaction.

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