New World Update 1.0.4 Solves Main Problems & Fixes Bugs

When New World was launched it immediately became very popular, up to 200 thousand players were trying the game simultaneously on the first day of release. It was a success for the Amazon Games Team who invested a lot of time and effort into NW design. But unfortunately, the gamers encountered several inconveniences while playing the game. These are some bugs and the inability to transfer the character to another server.

Server transfer service was highly awaited by New World players. As you probably know, game developers were trying to implement the service a few times but they couldn't cope with it. The main issue appeared to be a gold duplication glitch which arose while a gamer was trying to transfer. The glitch could ruin the economy of the game.

The information about the 1.0.4 update was published on the official website with good news about server transfers and a fixed PvP mode called Outpost Rush. The patch contains other significant fixes such as fewer starting points, more opportunities to meet with friends when they make a new character, and higher token cap of Faction limit which enables them to save more tokens in case they have hit the rep cap.

new world map

The matter with no tax reduction which occurred when a player bought the first house as well as the issue which was when companies lost income from having multiple areas were fully fixed. Besides, Amazon Games Team made necessary adjustments with critical game bugs which interfered with the intentions of game developers. For example, previously, while gamers were exploiting the effect of magic abilities in order to protect them from being damaged when they wanted to take over a rally point, they didn't receive what they expected.

All in all Amazon Games Team have done a great job and continue working hard to retain gamers and provide them with a smoother gameplay experience. However, new matters constantly appear on the way. After the team made server transfer possible, fixed minor and major bugs, stopped matters with overspending on paying taxes, there are still other pitfalls which should be avoided. For instance, the endeavour of Amazon Games to manage the invulnerability exploits can lead to faction imbalance as the players will misuse the opportunity.

Nevertheless, the possibility to use server transfers as well as other improvements will definitely make the gameplay process more pleasant. We believe that new updates will make the game more attractive for new users as well as incentivise those who have been playing the game for more achievements. We`ll also keep our fingers crossed for the team and community so that they will never face any serious bugs and inconveniences in the game.

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