Information About Corrupted Gear in Path Of Exile

Every new extension in the Path of Exile game brings new trends. In Ultimatum and Scourge leagues corruption of items becomes one of the main processes of the gameplay. Although it is not easy to predict and operate, we have managed to prepare a few tips on how to make use of corruption in the game.

Gear corruption

As we mentioned above, it is really hard to perceive how the process influences various aspects of the game. But it is worth noting that corrupted items enable reduced damage, immunity or increased power. It means that the process definitely helps to level up a character faster and in a more engaging manner. Nevertheless, we should admit that corrupting gear may add a corrupted mod which has no impact and doesn't change character. Moreover, corrupted items cannot be enhanced, changed or linked at a crafting table.

Corrupting with Vaal Orbs

Vaal Orbs are applied for corrupting items. When you do it, you receive an unpredictable but powerful outcome. Vaal can either improve an item or may drastically change it for the worse. Such orb can be found in strongboxes or drop from monsters in specific areas. Vaal Orbs can be also crafted, traded for, or purchased on Gaming4ez.com website.

The Altar of Corruption

Altar of Corruption gives the item the ability to obtain two mods as well as can fully ruin it. It alters all sockets into white and items into rare ones. The Altar is located in the Temple of Atzoatl area.

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