POE: Scourge Console And Twitch Rivals Tournament Launch

Lastly a highly awaited Scourge became available for Xbox and PlayStation players.

Console gamers have recently got an opportunity to play POE: Scourge the 3.16.0 version. Moreover, they have got an improved patch 3.16.0b with both fixes which arrived from the PC version as well as console specific ones.

If you are still hesitant what kind of build to join, read the recommendations from the community on the forum. You can also find build tips from streamers on YouTube.

We`d like to remind you about the Twitch Rivals tournament which will start tomorrow at 11 am. As you probably remember, the gamers will play on their own first, but at the end they will have a surprise which is going to add an absolutely new feel to the game.

Don`t forget to obtain your Twitch Drops. If you are connected properly, you will be able to get a Two Legged Goat Pet for half an hour watch time as well as the Divine Arcane Portal for a two hour view.

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