Ability to build mini-maps in New World

As New World has been launched not so long ago, players are still revealing the secrets and bottlenecks of the game. One of such ones is lack of resources required for more pleasant gameplay. A pervasive example is the issue with not enough mini-maps. Hopefully this one will be fixed very soon, as some gamers have already taken the initiative in their hands and built the maps themselves.

It all started from a video of a player who said that it was exhausting and annoying not to know the locations of stuff in the town. Therefore they decided to build their own mini-map. The mini-map shows immediate surroundings very true to the game, including icons suggesting various locations and well-defined roads. The tool comes with a zoom feature which makes the process of looking for things even more comfortable.


By the way, the mini-map works even outside the town. Even being not ideal, the map is really handy and definitely makes the game experience more pleasant. It is available for being used by others but needs an add-on. But it could be a nice tool for players if it didn't lead to a ban. Some players assumed that it could be possible.

Frankly speaking, lack of a mini-map is not the only inconvenience NW players faced in the game. Fast travel, weird styles of fighting are among them too. There is also a constant request for more game features. However, we should admit that the Amazon Game Team is quite responsive. They try to resolve the problems which NW gamers face. For example, the request for the ability to rebel against one's own group is being considered by the team right now.

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