Over 250,000 players joined Path of Exile: Scourge in launch day

The past weekend was a fierce gameplay of Path of Exile: Scourge which was launched for PC players on the 22nd of October. More than 250,000 gamers were playing simultaneously at peak hours which is very close to the top record.

The deployment was pretty successful besides for a small matter with regional routers which were glitching from time to time. It was happening due to chats which included linked stuff. After each glitch the game lost 1/10 of the players. The POE team tried to disconnect the chat to solve the issue and then activated it again but without item linking. Which is expected to be fixed in the patch that will be deployed today.

The Path of Exile crew have been collecting and considering all feedbacks of gamers, and promise to keep them posted about fixes and improvements which will be done this week.

Currently the team is considering changing the progress bar of items which can be seen on the Crucibles Panel. They also want to transform the Blood Crucible's bar and make the sound and visual effects better as well as to take into consideration balance issues with Veiled Modifiers which have been reported.

As you know, the Scourge extension for PS and Xbox will take place on the 28th of October. If you are looking forward to it, you may start following the countdown in the evening the day before.

On the 28th Path of Exile: Royale tournament will be started and broadcasted. The players will have their own game but at the very end the best gamers will get the opportunity to have a boss fight which could be interesting and rewarding. Viewers will get the chance to get Twitch Drops whereas players will be able to win $30,000 and amazing cosmetic effects.

Visit twitch.tv/twitchrivals at 11 AM to see the auction.

The past weekend Atlantis Mystery Box, which consists of 36 microtransactions, was introduced. Seize the chance to get your own things right now.


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