Server Transfer Details in New World Update 1.0.3

The New World Update will come soon and many of you are looking forward to the server transfer feature. Thanks to your feedback, the Amazon Games team have fixed some bugs which were spotted previously, so the game play will be much more pleasant.

As a gratitude for your patience, the team is presenting "The Stoic" title. It will be given to the players who survived choppy waters of a game launch. Thus, your character will be presented with the title automatically. You need to go to the Character menu, choose the "Bio" tab and then "Change".

"Waiting" emotes were also added for free. For that you need to choose the "Emotes" tab and see "Waiting" emote.


Character Server Transfers

Amazon Game Team has put a lot of effort into implementing character server transfer features. But still it is a new feature and requires careful actions. Therefore, it will not be activated immediately. After the framework will be inspected, character server transfers will start from Utopia world first in the Southeast region. Only if it goes well, then the other part of the AP Southeast region will be enabled. If after that the team will not see any issues, then the feature will be deployed for all regions.

How can I transfer my character?

After waiting in a line, you need to receive a character transfer token and then leave your company. Then delete Trading Post and put your character in a sanctuary.

What happens when I transfer?

You will keep all your progress, currency, quest progress, and inventory.

What will I lose?

You will not transfer our team membership, friend list and Trading Post.

Where can I move it?

You can move it to the world you like but not to the whole world. And there is also no opportunity to shift your character to the world where you already have another character.

Can I transfer my character again?

Yes, you can do it with an extra token. After extensive analyses Amazon Team will add free tokens if they are required. Later on the tokens will be available for sale at the store.


After transfering your character in right server you always can buy New World coins at our in-game currency store Gaming4EZ.com