New Features Of Upcoming Path Of Exile:Scourge League

A few days are left before Scourge league will start. All of us are anticipating the event. And lastly, it will be launched on the 22nd of October.

There are some changes which the league will come with. Here is the list of the main ones.

Scourge league obsolete content

Although the new league will remain the opportunity for players to gamble and haggle with Kalguuran Merchants, Cadiro Perandus will leave the game. Therefore, some items which were sold by him will no longer be available.

New content

Blood Crucible is a new device activated by blood collected from killed monsters. When a character has collected enough blood, the one can be moved to Wraeclast by means of Blood Crucible. It also allows you to place items and maps in. If you slain enough monsters in parallel Wraeclast, you will obtain 2 unique modifiers.

The new league has several mods such as Hardcore, Standard and Solo Self-Found as well as more than 3 dozen new challenges.

Passive Skill Tree

Passive skill tree will be much changed as it was really hard. Passive masteries will be added to the tree. If you want to reinforce your character, give them points.

We hope you are ready for Scourge league and will really enjoy it. However, if you need some items or poe currency for a more pleasant gameplay experience, you are always welcome to visit Gaming4ez.com and buy all you need.