Being In Touch With New World Community

New World is not only a space where you can do quests, loot, farm or gather resources but also a common ground for a game community. The game allows players to chat with one another by texting or voicing. Find out what tools you can use to keep in touch with the NW community. If you require the information, read about community platforms below.


The best space to submit reviews and bugs to Amazon Game Team is The Official New World forums. There players can chat with others or invite gamers in their teams.


The Amazon Games Discord was created for hosting events and interacting with the game community. The server allows more real time interactions for NW gamers.


Newworld.com website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch accounts are at your disposal if you want to have access to exclusive content, the hottest community topics and updates on New World changes.


The NW Creator Program is made with the intention to motivate creative people to collaborate with the Amazon Games team. They are ready to support streamers, artists, musicians and others who want to contribute to the development of the NW community.

There are no special rules but just your wish to participate in the creation of game content. In the future, the team will create a NW Discord server for Creators where they will be able to chat and share with one another.

Feeling interested? Sign up to Creator Program page.

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