New World’S Steam Reviews Have Now Shifted To Mostly Positive

The launch of New World caused absolutely diverse feelings. The gamers' reviews vary from mixed to mostly positive remarks. Some gamers compare New World with the Runescape-like style of gathering and crafting, while others see some similarities with the World of Warcraft game. The most positive remarks about the New World game were regarding good map and sound design. As the worst game features players mentioned some graphical or audio bugs, a poor soulless story, a hard levelling experience, and bad quest design.

Two weeks have already passed after the game release but the game still attracts a lot of players to Steam. Some days ago more than 900 thousand players were spotted playing simultaneously which hitted previous records of 600 thousand gamers playing at the same time on a 24-hour basis.

Obviously, nobody expected such a huge number of players and the Amazon Games Team faced some server issues.

However, it should be admitted that they do their best to make the game experience pleasant. The team has added more servers to fix the situation with long queues. And they provided players who had created their character on another server with the opportunity to transfer it once for free to the server they will use to play. Be advised not to create characters in other regions any more as further transfer will be impossible. A lot of players acknowledged that the game is much more exciting when you play it with friends. If you have not joined the game yet, do it together with your friends to check out all the benefits and drawbacks of the game.

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