Information About New World Server Transfer - Amazon Games Explained

A MMORPG New World which was created by Amazon Games was started at a large scale on 28th of September. The game got instant popularity, which caused the game developers to activate dozens of servers in order to provide enough room for more than 900 thousand players gaming simultaneously. Some players were not waiting in long lines to join the server operating in their region. They created their character on any server expecting that they would easily transfer it later. But unfortunately, it appeared impossible to do.

On Friday a hot agenda on forums was about how to transfer the character from one region to another. On the launch day Amazon Games Team informed that it would be possible to rotate a character among servers. But later on they said that the information was not correct which disappointed a lot of New World players.

overseer concept

Thus, on Monday social media was full of complaints about the change, some gamers even threatened that they would leave the game if the transfer of character wasn't enabled.

Amazon Team acknowledged their fault in misleading players and apologized for the incorrect information justifying it by the fact that they were working really quickly. However, they promised to resolve the issue somehow.

Amazon Games are now looking for the solution to the cross-region transfer problem but they don't specify the date when the feature will be enabled. They also recommend players not to create characters in other regions but only on the server they will play it.