Amazon's New World continues to gain traction with over 900,000 players

amazon s new world continues to gain traction with over 900,000 players

Amazon Games didn't have a breakneck success in game production before the New World was launched. The massively multiplayer online game immediately became so much popular that even the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos acknowledged that the game was the first win after several setbacks and failures they had had. The first Sunday after New World had started, more than 900 thousand gamers were playing the game simultaneously. Thus, the game immediately became the most played on Steam.

However, it doesn't go as smoothly as it seems. The first week Amazon team faced an issue with server queues which now looks like resolved. Rich Lawrence, a head of Amazon Games admitted that they didn't expect such rapid growth and were not ready for it.

Nevertheless, the launch of New World can be considered to be a great success. The team put a lot of effort into pushing the MMO in production at this scale. Therefore, lack of resources is a minor matter compared to the other achievements they have got.

Nobody knows whether the instant success will turn into a huge base of constant players who will be playing the game for years. But we believe in the most positive scenario for the New World in the future.

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