The Path of Exile: Scourage - Announcement of Starting

The livestream with the info about Scourge expansion is coming soon. Make sure you know all the details about the event.



You will get the opportunity to watch the Path of Exile trailer where you will see the presentation of Scourge Expansion. After that, you will be able to hear the answers to frequently asked questions received by chat.


The stream is scheduled for 10 pm local time on the 14 of October. It will probably last for an hour or so. Make sure your account is enabled properly, in order to get access to the livestream in time.


Use www.twitch.tv/pathofexile to watch the video. You can also stream yourself or view streams of others on their channels.


As you probably know, the Dragonfly Wings will be available from the beginning by 6 PM sharp for any channels broadcasting Path of Exile at the specified time. You may obtain the Wings only if your watch time will be more than 45 minutes from your account, no matter what account you will use for it. Be advised to relink your accounts of Twitch and Path of Exile, as there were some glitches with Twitch recently.

In case you won't watch the video live for some reason, you can find the report about the event on our channels as well as other POE news.

Additionally, we remind that you have the opportunity to buy POE currency and Items from starting new league The Path of Exile: Scourge at our in-game currency shop Gaming4EZ.com.

Enjoy the livestream!