PoE 3.15 Expedition League expansion comes to an end

The Expedition League comes to end on the 18th of October at 14.00 sharp for all PC players. It means that there are several days left to complete your tasks. Those who play 3.15 on consoles can still enjoy it by the 27th of October.

Brimmed Hat

After the league finishes, a new private league will start immediately. Therefore, proceed with preparing for it beforehand. We`d like to remind you that you will no longer have the opportunity to buy the Brimmed Hat after the 3.15 expansion finishes. So, we highly recommend doing it right now, if you want to support the league. Also, you always have the opportunity to buy cheap poe currency items for all Path of Exile leagues at Gaming4EZ.com.


Don`t miss the opportunity to watch POE Scourge expansion announcement at 10PM on the 14th of October on Twitch. You will see new supporter packs which will substitute Ultimatum sets. Seize the chance to purchase Sun and Crescent packs while they are still available for sale.

Remember that in order to win a set of Dragonfly Wings, you have to watch the streams. For this purpose, you should reconnect your Path of Exile accounts with Twitch, so that they are compatible with Drops.


Hope to see you at our livestream!