Twitch Drops During Path of Exile: Scourge Livestream

Twitch Drops will become accessible on Thursday, October, 14 when POE Scourge livestream is launched. In order to obtain Dragonfly Wings you need to connect your accounts of Twitch and Path of Exile, and view the livestream.


How to take part

Connect your accounts and view Scourge or any other video at www.twitch.tv/pathofexile for not less than 45 min on the specified day. Drops will become accessible from 12 to 6 pm PDT.

Since you have been watching streams on any POE channels for 45 min, you will get the drop without any other conditions.

You can also stream yourself and make Twitch Drops enabled by using Twitch Creator Dashboard.

How to connect POE and Twitch Accounts

Being logged in on Twitch, proceed with Settings. Find out if your account is connected. If not, press the button "Connect" below "Other Connections". If it is, then you will see the notification about it on the page.

Since you obtain Dragonfly Wings, you should redeem the ones to your Path of Exile item list from your Inventory on Twitch.

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