Ultimatum Supporter Packs Is Ending

Path of Exile: Scourge release is announced to take place on October,14. There will be brought in Supporter Packs for the new league, and unfortunately Ultimatum Packs will not be available for sale any more.

It means that now you have the last opportunity to buy the Crescent and the Sun Supporter Packs. May we remind you that the sets include absolutely various contents and offer their own design. Choose the one which caters to your preferences. You also have an opportunity to upgrade your pack to a larger one if you wish to.


The Path of Exile developer team do understand that you may not have enough funds to buy the sets now, therefore, they are ready to provide you with a payment plan which will help you to book a set for 3 months. When you complete the plan, you will receive the coveted pack immediately.


Another good news for you: the point packs bought since the beginning of April, 2021 can be upgraded to either the Crescent or the Sun Packs! You may get only the content which you lack without paying for the stuff which you already have. You can credit up to ⅘ of the price of a coveted pack for an upgrade.

As soon as new expansion takes place, both Sun or Crescent Supporter Packs will be substituted by the new sets on different platforms.

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We appreciate your constant support!