Path of Exile 3.16 Expansion Update

We are all looking forward to 3.16 expansion content to be released. According to the GGG official website, it will happen at the end of October. However, the date has not been specified yet. GGG promised that they will announce the day of release this week.

As we know from previous announcements the new expansion will involve new challenge leagues, items, character skills and a few other changes.

But the information is too scarce, therefore, all of us are waiting for more teasers from the creators of the game. We are all wondering what new items, divination cards, defence, flasks and other changes will we have in the 3.16 expansion. Will the game developers reduce maps and Atlas areas as it was mentioned earlier?

If you want to receive the answers to the questions as well as to be constantly aware of all 3.16 expansion news and other Path of Exile updates, follow us.

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