Path of Exile Mobile - Perspectives

Path Of Exile game was designed by Grinding Gear Games company from New Zealand in 2012. It is absolutely free and will never be "pay to win". It has a well-thought-out item economy, character customisation, and competitive PvP races. The game is available for playing on a PC and such consoles as Xbox and Playstation. However, in 2019 GGG group promised to release a mobile version of the game too. The fans are looking forward to the release as the new version of the game will make it accessible in any place and at any time. Moreover, it will attract new players to POE games.

GGG is trying to deliver the same experience for gamers playing on different platforms. So, they expect to have all content and modes on mobile. Obviously, it is not easy to implement and requires a lot of time and effort to do. But the GGG team promises to do so without any compromise. They say that the only core difference between playing on mobile and on PC will be shorter sessions.

POE creators are busy preparing POE 2 for a release and new league updates which they reguary launch. Therefore, nobody knows when exactly the release of a mobile version will take place. So, the fans only have to wait.

Actually a lot of players want to cross-play with different platforms. But it could hardly be feasible. As you know, PC players cannot play with console gamers.

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