PoE Expedition League 3.15.3b Patch Notes

The 3.15.3b patch is going to be deployed this week. It will include a lot of bug corrections. Here is the list of enhancements which you may see. 3.15.3b list of patch improvements:

  • Last to Fall storm cast by Vorana visuals became clear. The outer ring became visible.
  • The description of Atlas Passive Skill of Twice Tempted area was corrected and became absolutely understandable.

The following bugs were also fixed:

  • The inaccuracy with reusing Flask with Flask Enchantment. Now it doesn't reuse a Flask multiple times.
  • The mistake with extra reduction of Physical Damage. Now Armor cannot reduce Physical Damage when a player has an allocated Transcendence Keystone Passive.
  • The mistake when Zana didn`t recommend you another task in a map in case the portals to previously chosen mission didn't open.
  • The error with including an Itemised Beast to your Bestiary. Now it unlocks appropriate Beast Recipes.
  • The glitch with Catarina when she couldn't do anything. Now she doesn't get stuck.
  • The inaccuracy with Syndicate Safehouse portals which used to open around the payer not around Jun in maps.
  • The glitch with sound. The gong of Oba’s Cursed Trove is now playing.
  • The mistake with Map Stash Tab filtering. Now the search term with quotations is performing correctly.
  • The inaccuracy with mod value ranges. Now they appear on Doedre’s Elixir Unique Flasks and the Forbidden Taste.
  • The bug with the lost glow of Kaom’s Heart 3D Art.
  • Any occasion of a crash was fixed.

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