Path of Exile 2: Beta - Release Date

All fans of a POE game are looking forward to a new Path Of Exile 2 version which was announced by Grinding Gear Games at the ExileCon event. But we all know that the beta version is being prepared by the group right now.

It was promised that it will start at the beginning of 2022, still nobody knows when exactly it will be. As 2022 becomes closer, POE gamers are looking for more and more news about the POE 2 beta version.

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Today we are going to share with you the most recent updates we got to know about the game environment and character selection. In POE 2 you will see new environments such as a stage on the top of Mad Max looking like an immerse vehicle as well as new worlds, new evil, corruption and new secrets of Wraeclast sands. And the character whom you will choose will be the only hero who will survive in mass public execution.

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