Gauntlet Class by Zizaran Comes Soon

Time and Main information

We are pleased to announce a 10-day Class Gauntlet competition taking place on the 11th of September at 5:00 PM (GMT+3) as a Hardcore Sole League. The event is organized by a famous streamer Zizaran. The gamers are going to get points by resolving the most complicated Path of Exile tasks such as killing bosses, upgrading a character, delving. Anyone willing to take part in the compettion can do it by simple log in on a day of the competition and one click on the button "Join" located on the bottom of a character screen in the right corner.



The winners will get an award from the partner of Zizaran event as well as famous community streamers. Besides, they are going to fundraise for the competition, and gamers who will resolve a specific task or attain a specified goal will be given a personalized prize. The prize pool from the partner will be nearly $25,000. It will be divided into several parts. One of them will be used to pay for organizers and moderators of the event, the other one is to pay bounties to streamer who will help fundraising, and the third one is intended for prizes.

Rank 1 Overall: Gauntlet Trophy + 2% Bonus. Top Witches, Rangers, Shadows, Duelists, Templars, Scions and Marauders will get 8 %, the second ones will receive 4%, the third ones will obtain 2% and the fourth ones will be given Temple Portal Effect and Temple Character Effect.

There will be also an opportunity to get a randomly-drawn prize for leveling up a character. These are microtransactions and stuff from the partner of Zizaran Class. Players will also have a chance to win Mistery Boxes of Midnight Pact . Any player can receive more than one physical prize besides for award items from specific category.

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More details

The cass will be accessible for watching on Zizaran’s Youtube Channel. You can also find requirements for participating, schedule, more info about prizes and where to make a contribution on zizaran.com.

Thank you for supporting our ideas!