Path of Exile: Expedition Launches Soon

Path of Exile: Expedition Launches Soon

You will have the mystery of the Kalguur revealed soon, as the Expedition of POE is kicking off shortly. Have a glance at the instructions on what to do when the day comes and how to quickly make downloads.

The time of Expedition launch is 8:00 PM (GMT+3) and it will go live at 11:00 PM (GMT+3) on the 23rd of July, 2021.

You may not remain logged in so as not to miss the launch. Just change your local time by going to My Account then Manage Account after that Edit Preferences. Or just use the option Click Here below.

In case you see an incorrect timezone, don't use the timer. Rather utilize the countdown which you can find on the front page. When you see that there are only three hours before the finish of countdown, it will mean that the realm is going down. Three hours after that, the servers will begin work and let you start the Expedition League.

The updating will take up to 8GB on Steam and the standalone client and 25GB on Torrent. Please be advised to prepare to have the larger update in comparison to previous ones as it involves the entire content. After the POE Expedition starts, you will receive a few files which require updates too.

Click To Download Expedition Torrent File

As the torrent features exceptionally a GGPK file, we`d recommend you to make a copy of it in your installation folder when the server will start working. It means that it couldn't be done prior to three hours before the start of the Expedition. Keep in mind, please, that the GGPK file cannot be used on MacOS or Steam.

Console version of Path of Exile: Expedition will start at 3:00 AM (GMT+3) on the 29th of July. But you can proceed to download at 11:00 PM (GMT+3) on the 28th July, 2021 of your local time.

Additional character slots are available for the start at our store at the moment. You can also seize the last opportunity to buy Apollyon Mystery Boxes which will no longer be sold when a new box appears. There is also a suggestion for you to spend your points at our online shop and get an Apollyon Mystery Box for free if you haven't done it before. Please mind: You can do it only one time. We also don't give supplementary mystery boxes for more purchases. If you are willing to get more points, go over Expedition Supporter Packs.

If you are still hesitant about what build of a game to choose, look through the forum recommendations. A lot of streamers use YouTube for sharing build hacks.

For a new appearance for your build, visit the Nexus stores. They contribute a lot to development of the game and create amazing Armour Sets.

Our team is looking forward to watching your fresh adventures! See you!