Arena World Championship Returns July 31!

The second season of Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit is planned to the 31st of July and could be viewed exceptionally on YouTube!

After the first season 16 teams from Europe and the US are preparing for the AWC S2 Circuit. They are eager to fight for a $160,000 award. The competition starts on the 31st of July and will last for 4 weeks. Afterwards the best four teams will be determined regionally. They will go to Shadowlands 2021 Grand Finals and will try to win the title of the best PvP team and also a $300,000 reward.

6 teams who will take part in AWC S2 Circuit are from the previous season. There should be two more teams to complete the list of participants. According to the rules, two of the worst performing teams in the previous season should meet with two freshers from the Relegation Cup in order to fight for the chance to get in the competition.



Skill Capped EU - Season 1 Champions Method NA - Season 1 Champions
Badluckbones Charlotte Phoenix
Cowana Gaming  Cloud9
Creed Golden Guardians
Method EU Hamsters and Hares
MyWay Shadow Word: Chicken
Reload Esports TBD (formerly OTK)
Tegridy Damp Unitas Blue (formerly Borngood retirement fund)

arena world championship returns july 31

The second season will contain a new The Chains of Domination content which will bring a new target.