Ritual Supporter Packs End Soon

We are going to introduce 3.15 expansion very soon. We are also happy to inform you old Ritual Supporter Packs will be changed for League Supporter Packs.

Now you have the last opportunity to order both the Renegade and the Faithsworn Supporter Packs, or acquire the item you like. On condition you have a pack which is smaller, you can seize an opportunity to upgrade it to the bigger one. The items which arrive in Supporter Packs are special, and they will no longer be sold.


If you`d like to buy one of Ritual Supporter Packs but haven't enough funds to do it now, email us at [email protected] and we will give you the chance to book the pack, and split your payment for smaller parts. So you can receive your pack in 3 months when you pay the last part.


If you have already got points packs from the sixth of January 2021, you may upgrade it to any of the Ritual Supporter Packs. You can use up to 80 percent of the price of a required pack on upgrade. It means that if you have spent for a point pack $10, you can improve it to the Renegade or Faithsworn Pack by paying $20. You will obtain the rest of the content without the points which you have already received.

The Ritual Supporter Packs will no longer be on sale when the next expansion starts.