Announcing the FFXIV x Twitch Collaborative Campaign

Good news for you! We have started our deals with Twitch and since now our gamers will be able to obtain coveted rewards by subscribing to offered channels. You can start helping your favoured creators of the content today at 11 am and proceed doing it by the 24th of August. Fo that you will acquire Deluxe Heavenscrackers as well as the Fat Black Chocobo mount!

*Please be informed that the campaign is valid after the 24th of June, and any subscription done before will not be taken into consideration in terms of rewards.

ffiv collaborative campaign


Here are the steps you need to do to take part in the campaign:

  • Sign in to your personal Twitch account ( a first time user can create an account at Twitch.tv)
  • Go to any of Twitch channels from the list here
  • Watch FINAL FANTASY XIV Online streams, subscribe to either one or four channels to obtain the rewards

The channels which will take part in the campaign will be showing FINAL FANTASY XIV Online after subscription is complete. If you obtain the subscription not within a FINAL FANTASY XIV Online broadcast, it will not be able to participate in the campaign.