Feedback on Upcoming Merchandise Plans

We dreamt about Path of Exile merchandise store for years. But at the same time we had a concern about the logistics of it; we thought it would be quite expensive to ship goods to and from New Zealand. Lastly, we came up with the decision to give it a try.

We have recently started our collaboration with J!NX in order to implement our idea of having a dedicated POE merchandise shop. By the way, we have already worked with J!NX several times. They created stuff for previous supporter packs and our ExileCon event. J!NX team is great and their products are of perfect quality. So we are sure that we made the right solution for us and you by choosing them.

We are now discussing future designs of goods and need your help. Can you please share your ideas of what things you would like us to make for you? Would you like to own hats, socks, stickers, accessories? What kind of design would you like to see. We are looking forward to your suggestions on coveted themes. Share all your preferences with us and we will try to implement them.

Note: Please don't share ready visual designs with us. Just let us know what you want us to make for you. Together with a professional J!NX team we will try to surprise you by turning your ideas into reality.

Looking forward to your feedback!