Players Clash During The Midyear Mayhem In-Game Event

Skirmish with other gamers in Midyear Mayhem celebration and obtain Alliance or Experience Points and exclusive collectibles.

players clash during the midyear mayhem in-game event


Mayhem league kicks off on the 24th of June and finishes on the 6th of July. While having the PvP competition, a player has the opportunity to win double points of Experience and Alliance or exclusive collectible items if they compete with their peers in Alliance War, Battlegrounds, Imperial City.


  • Make a purchase of "Details on the Midyear Mayhem" quest at Crown Shop.

  • Go to the gates of Alliance War by utilizing either the menu of Alliance War or Battlegrounds beyond large cities. For launching the action, a player doesn't have to go to Cyrodiil.

  • Search for an NPS "Predicant Maera" and go on with the quest.

  • It makes no sense to win the quest if you have already done it previously.

  • Obtain Pelinal's Ferocity Scroll and a Boon Box of Pelinal's Midyear while winning the quest.

  • Apply the scroll for taking a two-hour-buff in the Battlegrounds, Imperial City, and the Alliance War to:

  • Obtain Experience for getting rid of PvP gamers

  • Obtain Points of Alliance.

eso how to take part

Utilize Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity in the competition but if you drop it, it will be easily taken from Predicant Maera or replaced with Basin of the Gore Virtuous.