Enhance Your Burning Crusade Classic Experience with the Dark Portal Pass and Deluxe Edition

Are you ready for the start of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic. It will take place on 1st of June, but the preliminary patch begins on 18 th of May. WoW gamers can use the same subscription to play Burning Crusade Classic as for WoW Classic without paying extra cost.

Begin your Outland journey preparation earlier. In order to do it you can pay for the Dark Portal Pass which will enable you to boost the character, which you will pick up on Burning Crusade Classic, to 58th level ( mind that the number of characters is only one per account, and the option is not possible for a draenei or a blood elf ). The list of enhancements includes:

  • Race-specific mount
  • Access to specific light paths
  • 12- splot- Brown Sack bags up to 4 items
  • Some gold to start
  • Up to 58 th level weapon skills
  • Skill of Apprentice Riding
  • 58 th level gear of magic quality

enhance your burning crusade classic experience with the dark portal pass and deluxe edition

If you have a desire to go further with your Burning Crusade Classic practice, you can try the Deluxe Edition. It includes such Dark Portal Pass​ item as

  • The Path of Illidan toy which makes your character`s steps leave the effects of fel fire for some period
  • The Reawakened Phase-Hunter mount which draws energy for transforming Draenor into Outland
  • The Dark Portal Pass which enables you to grow a character to 58th tier ( mind that upgrading further to the Deluxe Edition doesn't not allow a second boost)
  • A Dark Portal Hearthstone which provides a special visual effect made by the gateway which separates the worlds
  • The Viridian Phase-Hunter mount, which reflects the visual style of the game at a current time
  • 30 day game period with access to Burning Crusade Classic, WoW Classic and up-to-date game

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