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New World Currency Information

The main currency of the game is New World coins. They are needed to purchase in-game equipment, armor, food, flasks or to improve skills of a character. Players can obtain coins by selling craftied items, collected resources; and fighting with others. Mining is one more way to receive precious metals like game gold. Gamers can also complete quests and trade loot to get coveted coins. One of the easiest alternative ways is to buy New World coin currency from Gaming4ez.com.

New World Coins For PC

The NW coin system enables the economy of the game. However, it could be challenging to get expected game experience by using only the resources, including New World coins, which a gamer receives in the game. In such cases, players can be supported by Gaming4ez.com currency trade store. As the game is currently available only for PC platforms, we offer only New World coins for Windows operating systems. Nevertheless, we have New World game gold available for various servers and in the required amount.

Questions and Answers about New World Game Gold

What are New World Coins used for

New World Coins is a game currency which can be used for various purposes. It allows a character to buy stuff needed for living and surviving such as food, houses, potions and weapons. New World game gold is high-tier metal required for crafting rings, amulets and other things. Coins and gold can be used for upgrading character`s equipment, repairing armor, learning new skills, trading with other players, and a lot of other activities.

How to get New World in-game currency

There are some ways to get New World game currency in the game. The easiest one is to sell resources like stones, ores, wood which a character has gathered travelling throughout the world. Another way is to complete quests and missions which is rewarded by precious stuff that could be sold for NW coins to vendors. And ultimately, the hardest way is to make worthy things by using a crafting profession, and exchange them with other players for coins./p>

Where to buy New World Coins

As mentioned above New World coins can be farmed in the game, but it is quite a tedious process. Some gamers prefer buying NW gold online. For this purpose, they need to find a person they will trade with. Some players look for forums or player-to-player trading websites, where they can buy cheap New World coins. But such activity is not always secure. The best place to buy New World coins is from Gaming4ez.com online store. We offer safe fast delivery and affordable prices.

New World Coins RMT

Real Money Trade means selling or buying New World gold for real money. Such activity is not allowed, as it destroys the integrity of the game. If a player decides to do RMT, they will be banned immediately by the Amazon team. But if a gamer would like to buy NW coins, they can still do it from currency trading online stores. Not all of them are safe, however. If you want to be sure that you will not be scammed or banned, use proven legit websites for it.

New World Coins Delivery Methods

Delivery methods:

We offer 3 ways to deliver new world coins, Face to face, In-game mail, by auction house. 

Delivery time:

For most US EU AP Region servers it takes 10 mins to 1 hours to deliver, servers in SA region may take up to 24 hours for delivery.

If you want instant delivery, please contact us by live chat first, make sure we have gold available.