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New World Information

New World is a massively multiplayer online game released by Amazon Games. It doesn't require a monthly subscription, a player needs to make one-time purchase. The plot of the game means exploring the world full of adventures, dangers and unlimited opportunities to fight and invade new territories. Gold coins are the main currency of the New World Game which is used for buying food, weapons, armor and houses. The coins can be obtained by trading, completing quests, buying from Gaming4ez.com store.

New World Release Date

The release date of New Word is September 28, 2021.

New World Platforms

The New World game is available exceptionally to PC players. There are no versions for PS4, PS5, XBox One, XBox Series X, Nintendo Switch or other consoles yet. However, PC players can choose between Standard and Deluxe New World video game versions. The Standard Edition is cheaper but includes access to the Closed Beta, the main items and stuff needed for the game. Deluxe Edition consists of a Standard one and some additional content, but comes for a bit higher price.