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Monopoly Go Stickers Information

What is monopoly go sticker?
Monopoly  Go Stickers / cards are collectible items which can be obtained in the game. Each album contains 9 unique stickers / cards, when you complete the album, you win a big prize.

How to get monopoly go sticker?
There are lots of ways to earn Stickers in the game:

  • Finishing Quick Wins,
  • Progressing through Milestone Events
  •  Finishing top 3 in a Tournament
  • Spinning the Color Set Wheel
  • Gifted Stickers from a friend
  • Buying Sticker Packs through our store!

Why choose gaming4ez?
Gaming4ez provide a stable deliver service for monopoly go, We manage hundreds of monopoly go accounts by ourselves and maintain close contact with players all over the world, so any monopoly go cards you need can be delivered to you in a short time. Also our price is reasonable compare to any other store.

How do we deliver the monopoly go sticker.
We will need your invite link and user name for delivery, while you submit the order, make sure you will provide the correct information to us. Delivery is fast, usually within 30 mins.